List of airports in Turkmenistan

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This is a list of airports in Turkmenistan, sorted by location.

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Location ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Ashgabat UTAA ASB Ashgabat International Airport 37°59′13″N 058°21′39″E / 37.98694°N 58.36083°E / 37.98694; 58.36083 (Ashgabat Airport)
Balkanabat UT1H BKN Balkanabat Airport 39°28′53″N 54°21′46″E / 39.48139°N 54.36278°E / 39.48139; 54.36278 (Balkanabat Airport)
Dashoguz UTAT TAZ Dashoguz Airport 41°45′53″N 59°49′59″E / 41.76472°N 59.83306°E / 41.76472; 59.83306 (Dashoguz Airport)
Atamyrat (Kerkiçi) Kerkiçi Airport 37°48′32″N 065°12′45″E / 37.80889°N 65.21250°E / 37.80889; 65.21250 (Kerkiçi Airport)
Mary UTAM MYP Mary Airport 37°36′24″N 61°54′05″E / 37.60667°N 61.90139°E / 37.60667; 61.90139 (Mary Airport)
Turkmenbashi UTAK KRW Turkmenbashi Airport 40°03′48″N 053°00′26″E / 40.06333°N 53.00722°E / 40.06333; 53.00722 (Turkmenbashi Airport)
Turkmenabat (Chardzhou) UTAV CRZ Turkmenabat Airport 39°05′00″N 063°36′08″E / 39.08333°N 63.60222°E / 39.08333; 63.60222 (Turkmenabat Airport)

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